Kingston Technology Company, inc.
Kingston Announces Availability of DDR2
Memory Modules Supporting New Intel 915
and 925 Platforms.
"Kingston is strongly committed to supporting
the latest in new technology and supporting
customers that are on the cutting edge of

Home services “Hardware
and software” Trouble
shooting, configuration
and installation, annual
contract is also available.

The services cover home
and office at a low cost of
50 $ / hour include

Seagate, inc.
The Seagate USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive is now available in retail stores. In addition to the statutory two-year warranty period in the EU, Seagate provides free lifetime technical support, even after the warranty expires.

We are system Builder and we offer various products
and services. System are build with the original
Intel* Motherboard, Servers also are built using
the Intel* Server Board and the Intel* Chassis.
From PC entry level to high end server the best
choice for you and your enterprise is Intel products
with 3 years warranty and because of their flexibility
and their reliability you can count on because time
is money and no Time for Downtime.

Office services “Hardware and software “
Network installation including hardware and software:
covering Microsoft* Windows* 2000 server,
Windows* 2003 server.... annual contract are also

*Other names and brands may be claimed as the
property of others.

Microsoft Company, inc.
Microsoft 'Matchmaker' Initiative Unites
Resellers and Learning Solutions Partners to
Better Serve Customers
The Web portal
facilitates partnerships between resellers and
Learning Solutions partners, helping customers to
realize greater benefit from software investments.

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